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Movie Review: Gravity

Just like the title, this movie will suck you in and not let go

Alfonso Cuarón said he’s always wanted to do a movie about space. 

Well, did he ever do a movie about space.

I’m going to say, flat out, right now, that this is the best movie I’ve seen in a while. It’s visually breathtaking, mind numbingly expansive and edge of your seat intense. 

It boasts an extremely small cast for a movie nowadays, with a total of seven actors/actresses in all and only a mere three are actually seen.

This flick is all about the visual and it does it just as well as any other movie you’ve seen; yes, including Avatar. The effects are so difficult to describe as they are something that need to be seen to be fully appreciated, but when I say they are the best part of the entire thing, trust me, it’s true. 

And that’s impressive to say the least, because both Sandra Bullock as Dr. Ryan Stone and George Clooney as Matt Kowalski were brilliant. Cuarón had a lot of scenes that were single, drawn out shots; almost Kubrick-like. There is one scene where Stone is in a space shuttle, listening to a radio link to Earth, and the scene lasts a good couple minutes. Her speech and acting in general are displayed at full force in this long shot and for anyone who appreciates the highest level of acting, it’s fantastic.

Clooney too, while not in the film nearly as much as Bullock, pulled off a great performance as the confident and kind Kowalski. He made you completely believe in his character right from the get-go and somehow got the audience trapped in liking him well within the opening minutes.

The story was great, as always. No aliens. No other spaceships coming for them. Just one woman trying to survive the shards from a Russian satellite that come whizzing around Earth every 90 minutes. As expected, there are tons of trials Stone has to overcome and nearly everything that can go wrong does, bringing her to her breaking point a few times. But she preservers and shows the power human resolve can truly have.

One of the best parts of the film is how Cuarón made the entire thing so realistic. Not only were his visual effects done to a tee, but his sound effects were spectacular as well. So many movies have things exploding in space and such, with the normal sounds it would make if it occurred on Earth. 

Not in this movie.

Things are done right and there is zero sound in space; save for the music of the movie. Anything that happens in space is soundless. It’s strange too, when the characters touch a space station or try to hold onto something, because you hear a muffled sound come out of it and realize that it must be what they’re hearing inside of their spacesuits. 

It’s the first film in space where I’ve seen the sound done so well. 

Gravity will be at the Oscars, no doubt. I hope to see Bullock nominated as well because she was really that good; the peak of her acting abilities. If you’re considering see this film (I myself went and chose it over Runner Runner and Prisoners), do.

You won’t be disappointed.

Howe to Houston; take us home.

Rating out of 100: 93


Movie Review: Jurassic Park in IMAX 3D

It's in IMAX 3D. Did you get that? IMAX!!!
It’s in IMAX 3D. Did you get that? IMAX!!!

We all like the concept of dinosaurs when we’re young. They’re huge, look awesome and lots of them will rip your face off in less than two seconds flat if you look at them the wrong way. This is the basic concept that brought about Jurassic Park, the classic film by Steven Spielberg that is loved by many fans.

Now, I have a friend who is the biggest – No, sorry. The BIGGEST Jurassic Park fan in the history of the known universe. I cannot tell you how many times he’s seen this film and he knows every line and everything that happens.

So, because he’s my friend and I like to keep things interesting, I’m going to do two reviews in one. First I’ll give you my personal review, and then I’ll give you the review of what my friend would see as he’s watching.

Understand? Great.

Oh, yeah! My friend, his girlfriend and I went to see this thing in IMAX 3D, not just regular 3D (as I found out when I paid for the wrong ticket originally), but IMAX 3D. You could tell it was going to be intense the moment you walked into the fancy theatre and it was.

I’d only been to see an IMAX film once before this and it was Prometheus. It had been fantastic but I forgot how much better IMAX made everything.

The sound was incredible and hearing the classic theme of the movie was a thrill in itself when the iconic line, “Welcome, to Jurassic Park!” was said. Plus, getting blasted in the ears by the skin crawling roar of the T-Rex was pleasantly tingling in a strange sort of way.

If you’ve seen this film before, then you know that dinosaurs and effects are done very well, presumably since Spielberg made them film about, well, dinosaurs. Seems simple. But lots of dinosaur movies have really crappy dinosaurs.

Anyway, the dinos in this flick are some of the best I’ve ever seen and still hold up today even though the original film was produced in 1993. The T-Rex is by far the best looking in my opinion, although the movements of the velociraptors are also extremely smooth.

It is still the same movie, and the 3D was done pretty well. There was nothing stellar about the 3D that stuck out though, other than the fact that the glasses themselves were freaking huge and literally every movie ever coming out from now on also appears to be available in IMAX 3D.

But, overall, this was the same movie that everyone knows and loves. The sound was better, picture was bigger and it stuck out of the screen in 3D that actually didn’t hurt the eyes as much as I though it might. Who knew.

In the end, I enjoyed myself. Solid flick. Slightly improved.

Rating out of 100: 77

Warning: What you’re about to read next may surprise and shock you (although it really shouldn’t ‘cause I told you my friend is the BIGGEST JP fan ever), and may even terrify you. This is the review of Jurassic Park as my good friend would see it:

I sat down in the movie theatre with my girlfriend on my left and my pal Josh on my right. All I could do was stare at the screen as hard as humanly possible to try and get the damn thing to start right then and there. I didn’t pay to sit in the dark. I paid to come see the best freaking movie that ever existed. Ever. EVER.

The screen turns on and a hush falls over the audience. My eyes open wide. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a preview for Iron Man 3 begins. I am already disappointed since they didn’t start playing Jurassic Park immediately like they should have. If people really wanted to see this trailer, they’d watch it on Youtube. We’re all here to see dinosaurs.

Eventually, after realizing that lots of movies come out sneakily in 3D, it begins and I can’t breath. I’m seeing it for about the ten-zillionth time but it doesn’t matter. This is the best movie I’ve ever seen, with the best music, dinosaur animation and…dinosaurs.

Did I mention that the T-Rex is just UNREAL?

Well, now you know.

I am nearly leaping out of my seat in joy as I watch this film. It’s just too great. I will be able to die happy now. There is nothing about this movie that could possibly be bad. Nothing. Not one thing.

I find it hilarious that there are small children sitting a few rows down from us. I hope they are scarred for life. ‘Cause these dinos are gonna kill some serious people. Oh yes.

Most of my body parts are numb by halfway through… So I’m just gonna give you the rating now… GO SEE THIS MOVIE! Again!

Rating out of 100: Sideways 8.