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Movie Review: Iron Man 3

Love this poster. Just love it.
Love this poster. Even in a foreign language. Just love it. 

I can’t lie. This was one of the movies I was most excited for leading up to it. I liked the other two Iron Man flicks and really enjoyed The Avengers, so I figured this movie would be either great or just as good as the other two. I also liked the trailer more than the average kind.

And it didn’t disappoint.

Any movie that opens with I’m Blue by Eiffel 65 gets an automatic checkmark in my book. The music throughout the film following that was solid, and I can’t help but giving props to director Shane Black for having the willpower to only ever play the song Iron Man by Black Sabbath just once throughout the course of the three movies.

Robert Downey Junior was brilliant once again as Tony Stark, playing him just like the comic book character that the fans love. Not to mention he actually looks like the comic version of Tony Stark. Adding on to that, RDJ is a fantastic actor and gave another great performance in the newest take on the metal man.

Unlike the other two Iron Man flicks, this one is far more about the choices Stark makes as a man, instead of just showing him flying around and defeating bad guys with long electrical whips. It delves into the mind of Stark and gives the audience a better take on the man behind the armor.

This makes the character seem more vulnerable, something that was never shown in the other two films. But it also makes Stark more likable, while keeping his arrogant and selfish attitude intact, and shows the audience a different side of the character that all in all just makes him more interesting.

For example, Stark encounters the young boy, Harley Keener (Ty Simpkins), who has a rough life and is, of course, excited to meet the “mechanic” behind the legendary Iron Man. At first, Stark sees Harley as merely a nuisance and uses his home to store his broken suit. But they end up developing a type of bond that Stark rarely has with any other character.

Also, the witty banter between these two is some of the best in the entire film.

Gwyneth Paltrow is great as usual as Pepper Potts and Don Cheadle comes across strong again as Iron Patriot (Stark dislikes this name) or War Machine. But the most powerful performance other than RDJ’s has to be by Guy Pearce.

For what seems like the first time, an Iron Man movie has a single, respectable villain with a solid twist as part of his story that works in The Mandarin quite well. He makes the previous foes, especially Whiplash, very forgettable. His acting is also just as good or better than past villains; as is his short origin story.

Along with all of the character development, Black does well to keep the movie from getting too slow by adding in lots of good action scenes. The most notable is the final fight between Iron Man and Pearce’s character, Killian, near the end of the movie. There are suits flying around everywhere, attaching to Stark as well as fighting fire-mutants on their own.

After a few days to let it sink in, it’s probably my favourite of the three movies. There are lots of references to The Avengers as well throughout the film, which gives it a place in the Marvel timeline. Not only are there references to characters such as Thor, who is referred to as “the big man with the hammer who fell from the sky”, but the fact that Iron Man went through the wormhole in The Avengers actually plays a vital role to the plot of this film, as the memory of it is plaguing Stark and giving him anxiety attacks.

All in all, this flick was a great start to the superhero-season. It’s worth going to see and any fan of Iron Man or Marvel will want to get on it ASAP if they haven’t already.

Oh, and little tip if you are worried like so many others about the possibility of Iron Man being finished; stay all the way until the end of the credits. Wink, wink.

Rating out of 100: 77