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Thoughts Against the Glass

Tap, tap, tap

Thoughts against the glass


I can’t let them free

I want to


Do you anger the devil to get this way

Or do you just breathe.


Gray clouds excite

Vicious cycles

Of strangled brilliance





There it is

In the raven

In the crow

In my throat.


Have you ever awoken



Rising with weight on your shoulders


I have


I am



Flicker of starlight

Glistens on wet faces

As a reminder


Monotony is evil

Wrapped in your clothes

Your house

Your friends

Your family

Your work

Your life



Who knocks at this hour

Every hour



I want to but

I can’t let them free


Tap, tap, tap

Thoughts against glass.


Quite Unnoticed I Am Likely To Go

Quite unnoticed I am likely to go,

While you recall all of the Great Ones past:

Eliot, Frost, Ovid–they shall all last.

In their sentiments, whether joy or woe,

They’ll bring you bright smiles or hot tears to flow.

They will haunt your mind with black horrors cast;

Return and ensure no winter house un-passed;

Metamorph all you had thought to know.


And here I sit, now, a title-less bard,

Crumpling up lines as the sombre town sleeps,

As if I had some special thing to guard

While deep in my breast the armoured heart weeps.

No, I am not Wordsworth, Yeats, Blake or Poe;

Quite unnoticed I am likely to go.