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Of Gilglas and Glædwyn

In midst of meadow fair and green,

there brave Gilglas sought a shielded scene

to rest from the might of dark ground

which he had tread but been not found.

Safe from fell blade and dread fire-breath,

he vowed to avoid that place of death;

ere he saw black and faded fen

any beast would he slay again.


He cast himself upon cheered soil,

the darkling sky now set to coil

about the world in tender hold

while Lyftgyden’s gift, bright and bold,

with silver stare gazed down to see

Gilglas sleep under dewy tree.


Middle-aged moon shone o’erhead,

fortifying flowery bed.

Star-pierced dreams came in waves of gold

to cleanse weariness yet untold

by the mind of Gilglas who slept

still with secrets of horror kept.


Then, lo! the sweetest song did ring

throughout air and enchanted spring,

whereupon it graced dreaming ears;

Gilglas woke with extinguished fears.

Up he sprang to find the source,

heeding a nearby river’s course;

marvelous melody grew strong

as he stepped o’er blossoms long

to see now, in full starlight view,

Glædwyn the Snowstar, whose bright hue

made lushest grass and clearest creek

appear pale and humble and bleak.

From her lips sprouted misty speech,

caressing night where it could reach

and Gilglas felt strength fly his knees,

his gaze get stuck and body freeze.

Her azure raiment shimmered smooth,

so elegant it seemed to soothe

both trembling leaf and rattling breeze,

as she danced to put time at ease

there under sable blanket vast

with midnight pool upon her cast;

her snowy skin no less alike

to the stars’ ever valiant strike.

She moved under oak mighty and lean

upon whose branches lay no green

but blended light of courage built

from silver, gold; unable to wilt.

In her bright face lay two soft eyes,

which held deep and old royal ties

to whom Gilglas knew not, nor why

such a lady might from them fly;

for even as she turned her head,

radiance dazzling in her stead,

he could think of good reason naught

to leave her lonely and uncaught.


Then good Gilglas gathered himself,

and called in voice fair as any elf’s:

“Hark! To hear such song and see such dance

hath made me bold in my advance

toward this lady whom I know

from the artistry she doth show.

Though of her name I know her not,

hardest for this I will have fought.

And evil lands leave me sickly

in mind; unable to heal quickly.

Yet she hath revived me on sight;

is this merely my weak mind’s plight?

Indeed, I fear it might be so;

this fairest one might be my woe.”


But Glædwyn turned grey, starlit eyes

upon her admirer’s cries

and thus, she too, just like he

felt doom fill her heart with much glee

so that she knew that in this place

she would give in to his embrace.

Like clean, cool sky her voice frothed forth

unlike anything from the North:

“Be well my weary, Dark-tired friend,

for here no evil hands doth rend

rusty fetters to tie thy mind

nor foul cloth o’er eyes to bind.

Nay, what thou beholdest is pure yet;

and comes hither ere sunrise and set

to find peace from lonely tower

wherein my Lord stays his power.

But come forth, so that we may sing

and dance ere morning dove take wing

to wake us from this blissful sleep;

and give us cause enough to weep.”


But Gilglas smiled and answered so:

“Even Day cannot bid me go.

For here am I caught with no key

to free myself from thy beauty.

I would the key is ne’er found;

to thy will sapling heart is bound.”


So Gilglas the brave came to find

the Snowstar whose presence healed mind

and soul; he felt again now fresh

and under oak their joys did mesh

into lyrical song heard naught,

save in the land Gilglas had sought.

Gold and silver became just one

ere the rise of the morning sun.


Such is the tale in which They met;

for evermore in legend set

to rule all days of joy and mirth

‘til end the time of mossy earth.


Movie Review: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

*Spoiler Alert*

*There are major spoilers in this review. Keep that in mind before continuing.*

Fun? Sure. Entertaining? Hell yeah. Sleek? Check.

But amazing? I’m not so sure.

This flick was the second big superhero blockbuster to appear in Spring (the first being Captain America: The Winter Solider) and it definitely looked the part.

The trailer was epic, in short. And not epic as in, “I can’t believe how cool the things they’re saying are” or “I can’t believe the angle that shot is at”. 

It was more like, “This movie is gonna blow my freakin’ mind!”, “Those effects look unreal!” and “Electro looks sooo badass!”. 

There are a few things the new Spider-Man movie did quite well and most of those things are exactly what you thought were going to be awesome when you saw the trailer.

The effects are fantastic. They look by far the best out of any Spider-Man film to date. Spidey never looks fake, Electro’s CGI is done very well in that one can still see Jamie Foxx’s acting through it and every single fight scene has the ability to make you grab your armrests as the Web-Head soars through New York and does mid-air gymnastics. 

The villains all look awesome. Along with Electro, the new Green Goblin (played by Dylan DeHaan) and Rhino (played by) are both amped up versions of what appears in the original comics. 

DeHaan’s goblin was especially enjoyable, since the dude looked like he wanted to rip out your throat before he was injected with the crazy spider blood stuff. It was probably those eyes.


The story borrows mostly from the comics and things like The Spectacular Spider-Man, a cartoon based on the comics that was cancelled a while ago. It’s done fairly well and most comic fans should enjoy it. 

It spends its entire time leading up to the death of Gwen Stacy (played by the lovely Emma Stone), which was one of the most climactic deaths in all of comics. Just like in the original, she is dropped by the Green Goblin and Spidey (Andrew Garfield) does failed to catch her.

However, instead of hitting her with a web strand and having her break her neck when it’s pulled taut, in this film he catches her with the web strand and is just barely unable to pull the line taut before the back of her head slams into the concrete floor. 


Despite the serious lack of blood that should be spilling out of the back of her head like a soda fountain, the scene of Spider-Man holding his dead lover is strong and Andrew Garfield’s acting in this scene is top notch.


This leads into some of the problems I had with this film.

Though the Gwen death scene was done very well, I found all of the leading up to it unnecessary. It was like Marc Webb pulled out a gigantic, invisible hammer with the words “These two REALLY love each other” stamped on it and starting bashing the audience’s skull in.

Every single time Pater Parker and Gwen Stacy are on screen together and one of them is not wearing red and blue tights, they are: breaking up, apologizing to each other, worrying for each other, being mushy with each other, kissing each other or gazing deeply into the other’s eyes and communicating via mind-link. 

In the very few scenes in which there is a bit more added to the moment, everything seems much better on account of Garfield and Stone’s on camera chemistry. The two play off of each other well and it works, with quick witted remarks being their strength. They at least look like they should be together and do act (although incredibly hyperbolized) like a realistic couple. 

Much unlike Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst in the Sam Raimi versions, who constantly looked like they were locked in a battle of trying to make the other uncomfortable by either staring too long or making supremely indifferent facial expressions. 

To sum up, Garfield and Stone were great on screen when they weren’t playing up how much Peter and Gwen loved each other. The problem is, that wasn’t very often. 

Now, other than that main issue (since it was most of the movie) there were two smaller problems I had. 

First of all, what was up with Electro’s teeth?

Before he was turned into Electro, Max Dillon has an overtly large space between his front two teeth. I suppose this was to make him look more geeky or insane? Because y’know, that’s how you tell a sane person from an insane one.

If they have a space between their teeth so large you can see their uvula, then they’re probably bat-shiz crazy.

Anyway, when Max falls into the vat full of electric eels that turns him into Electro, there is a very short (maybe two second?) shot that is just a close up of his teeth getting scrunched together so that they suddenly look perfect. 

Why?! Like, what? Why is this necessary?

I guess there goes the whole insane-teeth theory I just came up with since he certainly didn’t get any more sane when being transformed into a human subwoofer (the amount of dubstep surrounding Electro is nuts). 

There is zero point to this shot and zero point to Electro having good teeth. He’s just made of energy, right? He doesn’t need to see the dentist anyway! 

Perhaps they did it just for the scene where he’s on the giant screens in Times Square? Or because Jamie Foxx got a few scenes in and realized he looked like an add for a Chiclets commercial?


The second thing was the shot of the planes. 

You know, right after Electro cuts the power to the city, there’s a shot of mission control (or whatever they call them in plane terms) freaking out since all of their tech got blacked out. 

Okay, I get it. Power’s out. Emphasized this way. Cool.

But then, after the power is restored and everything comes back online, we are again taken to the mission control room where they hurriedly tell two pilots to avoid crashing into each other since they are literally headed right towards one another. The pilots listen and there’s a super neat shot of the planes just barely missing each other.

As soon as they get by one another, the hero music (that Spidey gets when he does something heroic) that’s been reserved for far more important things the entire movie is played and mission control celebrates like they just won the Super Bowl.

Again, why?! It’s not necessary! There’s no point to having the shot of these planes at all and even less point of giving them the hero music!

The only thing I can think of is that the scene is used to emphasize the power being lost and then returning, but seriously? THAT’S how you did it?

Double sigh.

Other than that, the film is fun and enjoyable but it is understandable why critics (or people who see movies like critics do) weren’t very keen on it. The story isn’t super deep and there’s a lot of “Screw this! Let’s fight!” and “I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you, Gwen” thrown around. 

But the acting is solid all around, with especially good performances by Foxx, DeHaan and Garfield. The music is well done, although some might not like hearing the thoughts in Electro’s head mixed in with dubstep and the effects are great.

So, amazing? I don’t think I can go there. But worth a watch? Certainly. Especially in Imax 3D (which is how I saw it). 

Rating out of 100: 74

Late Night Rant: The Finals, GGK and Wheezy Waiter

Don’t get to do too many of these anymore because of my summer job, but here’s one on an early Sunday morning! Here’s what’s on tap:

1. The Finals

Miami Heat v San Antonio Spurs - Game FourThe Finals is getting closer to finishing. It’s now a best of 3 series and both teams are looking to kick it up a notch to try and close the other out. Miami was looking on the ropes when they were down 2-1, but all of a sudden the Heat’s Big 3 showed up in Game 4, utterly neutralizing the opposing Big 3 of the Spurs and cruising to a 109-93 win, in which they scored 85 points alone. Dwyane Wade came up huge with 32 points and 6 steals; the scary part being that his body is still at 70% or less. LeBron did his thing, racking up 33 points and Bosh had 20 to add to that. Their defensive ferocity was taken to another level and the entire game was played on their terms. Tony Parker, who has injured his right hamstring, had a great first half in Game 4, scoring 15 points, but was held to 0 in the second half and isn’t going to get any healthier before the series ends. This has been a great Finals so far, but if Parker can’t produce, then this team will fall, plain and simple. If the Heat can take one more in San Antonio tonight, then I think they’ll close it out the next game in Miami, winning the series in 6.

2. Guy Gavriel Kay

Guy-Gavriel-KayWhen I went away to school, I took a fantasy fiction course. I had to read two books by this man, who is a Canadian author and a recent idol of mine. His books are glorious to read, if you like fantasy. He writes in a Tolkien-esque style that has you wanting more and creates characters that you can love or hate easily. His worlds are realistic and entertaining, perfectly woven for the reader’s enjoyment. The two books I read of his for school, The Lions of Al-Rassan and The Summer Tree, are some of the best books I’ve ever read. His work inspired me to write the novel I’m currently working on, and it’s the type of stories I’d like to keep writing in the future. If you ever get a chance, definitely check out his books. They are really, truly fantastic. Here’s a link to The Summer Tree if you want to look at it; it’s part of a trilogy called The Fionavar Tapestry.

3. Wheezy Waiter

wwThis guy has been one of my favourite YouTubers for a long time now. I don’t get to watch as many YouTube videos as I’d like to anymore, but when I do, I always make sure to sneak a Wheezy vid in there. His videos are smart, witty, quick and entertaining. They all are worth watching and there has never really been a collapse in consistency. This man just keeps whipping out good videos and I wish him all the best in the future as he hopefully continues to do so. Here’s a link to one of the dude’s random vids.

That’s all for tonight!

Stay frosty.

Sneak Peek at my Upcoming Novel

Here’s the sneak peak of my upcoming novel that you guys wanted to see. This is just a small part of a chapter. This book shall be aimed towards young adults, so be cautious of reading this if you’re any younger than seventeen. Without further ado, here’s the tidbit:

  He had to be very close to them now. He knew the alley ended not even twenty paces ahead. Squinting through the swirling air, Jake desperately wished that the sunlight could penetrate the horrors of his village. But it never did. At least, not enough. 

  Taking a few more steps forward, Jake could finally begin to see shapes forming. And as he removed his hands from his pockets, he was forced to wrinkle his nose in disgust at the scene before him.

  By the goddess, he thought solemnly. 

  There was a huge, brute of a man who was standing with his trousers around his ankles. He held in his shovel-like hands a young woman, pressed firmly against the wall. Blood trailed from the woman’s mouth and one of her eyes was swollen shut. The man was making grunting noises and the woman, in turn, was calling out in her now small whimper, begging for salvation. 

  Jake’s gut lurched and he had to stop himself for a moment and lean against the wall, before nausea gave way to rage. Stepping forward again, so that he would now be clearly visible, Jake Creed called out in as threatening a tone as he could muster.

  “Grown tired of the brothel, have we?”

  The brute turned his shaggy head towards him in surprise and stopped his movements just as quickly. The woman seemed in disarray. She was still calling out.

  “I don’t care if there’s a war happening right now,” Jake said, “It does not give you the right to do as you please. You’re on my side of this village.”

  A devilish grin suddenly sprouted from the man’s lips and he loosed himself from the woman, half laying her, half dropping her to the dank stone cobbles. He hastily pulled up his trousers and then turned fully to face Jake. 

  It was at this point that Jake Creed understood he had made a mistake. The brute’s face was distorted in cold pleasure, his deeply sunken eyes peering out in malice. A few wisps of hair sagged along his head as he raised his massive hands and cracked his knuckles; the sound bouncing off of the alley walls. He himself, nearly stretched from wall to wall, his bulk seeming to suffocate the shadows. Then he drew a long, pointed dagger from somewhere in his trousers and brandished it, his yellow teeth shining.

  “You dare interrupt me? Do you know who I am?” the man bellowed. “I am Garth Humber! I am the Captain of the Guard, Commander of the First Squadron for Greil Lawson, our Coryphaeus!”

  Jake groaned and steadied himself. The smell of alcohol radiated off of the man’s body and struck him like lightning. Narrowing his eyes, Jake straightened himself fully. No turning back now.

  “I don’t care who you are.”

  The beady eyes gleamed. “You don’t know a thing, boy. You’re in my village.”

  With that, the monstrous man leapt forward with impressive speed, swinging his weapon blindly, drunkenly. 

  Jake swore and ducked the first swipe, backing up and out of Garth Humber’s range. Dead Man’s Alley was far too narrow, he knew, there was nowhere to go but back or into the massive, organic wall that was blindly whipping his dagger at him. But he couldn’t leave the woman there. Not like this.

  Watching Humber’s movements, Jake timed himself perfectly and thrust forward, hitting the ground and rolling between the man’s spread legs. Getting to his feet, Jake curled his hand into a fist and let loose a hard blow to the brute’s maw just as he was stupidly wheeling to face him. 

  The hoary man staggered back, dropping his dagger to the cobbles with a clatter. He clutched at his face and roared. “You broke my nose! I think you broke my nose! You bastard!”

  Jake paid no attention and instead rushed to the young woman’s side, removing his musty jacket and draping it over her. She stared into his eyes blankly, her mouth moving noiselessly. She was still trying to say that word. The plea for aid.

  With a new fire rising in his belly, Jake Creed rose back to his feet and faced the Captain of the Guard. Humber had removed his hands from his face now and blood was streaming from his nose and dripping down his captain’s coat in gobs. He spat on the ground in front of Jake.

  “You’re dead, boy.”

  “You’re not fit for active duty, Captain,” Jake snarled, his voice fully of mockery.

  Garth clenched his fists, stooping to pick up his dagger again before launching himself forward. 

  Jake ducked, dodged and slid as quickly as he could, trying to avoid the wild attempts of the brute to decapitate him. He could feel his body growing weary, after all, it hadn’t been long since he’d been pushed to his physical limits in training. 

  That’s when the blade caught him. It nicked him on the shoulder and he cried out in pain, now not quick enough to avoid the second blow from the man’s meaty fist as it slammed into the side of his head. 

  He fell sideways, hit the wall hard and dropped onto something squishy.

  They didn’t call it Dead Man’s Alley for nothing.

  Small lights were popping in and out of his vision, seeming to laugh with hilarity as they blinded him. The world around him was spinning. That strike had been more damaging than Jake had first thought as he struggled to get to his feet.

  Garth Humber howled and thundered towards him, snatching him by the collar of his shirt and holding him up off the ground so that their eyes met. His nose was only adding to his already grotesque features as blood was beginning to dry and clot around his face. His eyes held no remorse.

  Without a word, the Captain of the Guard raised his dagger with his free hand and drew back his arm. Jake was still too dizzy to react. He didn’t know which direction Humber was in, or which of the three was the real one. 

  Then, just as the brute brought his weapon forward in a swift, surprisingly clean motion, all of the dim light in the alley vanished. 

  Jake Creed felt himself fall to the ground immediately, landing hard on his rump and twisting his left ankle in the awkward fall. He could smell the rotting flesh around him and the damp, slimy murk that thrived in the cracks of the cobbles. 

  As he once again tried to stand, he leaned heavily against the wall, attempting to keep most of his weight off of his ankle. He realized that his clothes were now soaked in some sort of sticky substance. It seemed to seep right through his shirt and attach itself to his skin, gripping the cells with an unrelenting force. 

  The alley was now pitch, pitch black. This was the most blind Jake had ever felt in his life. Not a single spec of light was able to burst through the cage of darkness. A sudden wave of icy cold overcame his body and all at once he was blanketed in unnatural shivers. He felt nauseous again and clutched at the brick alley walls. 

  Reaching out carefully with his other hand, he could no longer feel Garth Humber’s body. Nor his presence. It suddenly seemed as if he never existed. Not even a shred of residue was left in front of Jake, and he wasn’t in the least sorry.

  Trying to blink away the inky blackness, Jake realized that the woman had stopped her continuous moans. In fact, there was no sound in the alley anymore. None at all. He couldn’t even hear his own breathing, or his heart thumping madly against the confines of his chest.

  The scream pierced Jake Creed’s body like no other noise he had ever heard.

  It came first as a long, single sound from above. Then it came in short bursts as it became apparent that the screamer was trying to find a way to scream and sob at the same time. It latched onto Jake’s body like a virus and stuck there. Every second, the cry attempted to rip his soul from his body and tear into his ear lobes viscously.

  Jake Creed stood dumbfounded. He couldn’t be sure of what was happening. No one could be sure. He thought perhaps that the woman was silent because she too, was listening to the pleading cry of Garth Humber.

  Just as Jake was about to try and hobble around in an attempt to find the woman, the screams ceased. Instinctively, he looked upwards and instantly felt nauseous again. He didn’t really know if he was looking up at all; how could he be certain? 

  As Jake looked back down again, or thought he looked back down, he noticed a small light abruptly appear about fifty paces in front of him. Locking onto the small light, Jake’s first thought was that it was green. Emerald, rather. And there was not one light, no, but two, staying stationary in the black.

  Squinting, he noticed that the lights were in the shape of small circles or orbs. They seemed to float slightly closer for a mere second before staying still again. They almost looked as though they were peering at him. But how could that be unless…

  By the goddess, Jake thought. They’re eyes.

  As soon as he understood this, the wind seemed to leave his body. He could no longer breathe and his lungs were screaming in desperation, just as his mind kept telling him to run, run, run. The shivers had never ended and he continued vibrating, his teeth chattering but making no sound. 

  The only thing that could penetrate the black were those eyes.

  Then, without warning, the eyes blinked out and Jake was enveloped in darkness once more. Not even a second later, the dim lighting of mid-afternoon returned to the shadowy alley. He looked directly to where the eyes had just been, but there was nothing. 

  Letting his sore eyes adjust, Jake rubbed them and blinked several times. With the dim light had come the warmth and thus his shudders ceased. He decided that he needed to get out of there. Take the girl and leave this wretched place. 

  Taking his first step away from the wall, Jake felt his good foot splurge down into something that hadn’t been there previously. More somethings snapped and popped underneath of his weight and liquids were running rampant through his footwear like a fast flowing river. Swallowing, Jake looked down.

  And retched violently all over the remains of Garth Humber.

Peskor and Beyond…?

I’ve been thinking about making some form of little short stories in the world that Peskor resides in. In Relik, you only get to see Peskor, since that’s the country they’re in.

Perhaps I should show the expanded parts of that world. And then I could tell tales of other things going on at the same or different times. I have no idea if they’d have any relation to the story or characters in my novel though.

But it might be fun, just to make little shorts come from that world as I make my new one. Just something to give a little more insight, not that it’ll ever be seriously considered.

Oh well, overall it’s just an idea. Ideas lead to a great many things. Some good and others, well…