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Howe It’s Done Ep.1 – Justin Rowan

Joshua talks with Justin Rowan about all things Cleveland Cavaliers.


Late Night Rant: Andrew Wiggins, Tom Clancy and

Why, hello there again! Pleasure to see you back here. I have no idea what you come for when you see me post one of these online, but I hope you get something out of it. 

Because I’m all about learning something new. Yep. Edu-macation. 

Anywho, here’s what’s on tap for tonight:

1. The High Flyin’ Canadian Baller, Andrew Wiggins, Takes Flight

If you are a basketball fan and you are Canadian, then this is something you simply cannot ignore. Andrew Wiggins finally hit the court the other day for an intra-squad match with the rest of his Kansas buddies that allowed for people to come and watch.

Of course, when one of the players participating has been heralded the next big thing in basketball ever since he was scouted in high school, then everyone is going to take notice. ESPN posted a highlight video of the kid’s night on YouTube, which I’ve so very nicely posted for you below. 

This is the first time I’ve seen highlights of Wiggins in a college level anything, so you can bet I was excited, being the hoops fanatic I am and Andrew didn’t disappoint. He made the entire game seem like a dunk contest with the way he flew to the rack at every chance he got, soaring above his teammates and throwing down jam after vicious jam. 

Wiggins looked comfortable and happy; a good sign of course. But the competition is teammates gave him didn’t seem to be enough as the young superstar seemed to be toying with them the entire game, never once having to actually take anything seriously. 

Now, I know this was just an intra-squad game (for those who don’t know, a scrimmage with his teammates), but you have to wonder when a team will come along that will actually make Wiggins sweat. 

My bet is on Kentucky this season, by the way.

Wiggins‘ first real game as a college player is October 29th.    

2. One of the Greatest Writers of our Generation dies in Tom Clancy


If any of you have parents like my dad, then they’ve likely read at least one Tom Clancy book. The dude was a legend; he wrote a total of 28 books and was preparing to come out with number 29 when he died at the young age of 66. 

Clancy was an extremely popular spy/mystery novelist, who was also one of the richest authors in America. He was known for video games too, such as the classic, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell. In one way or another, Clancy touched the lives of many people.

As a fellow writer, it saddens me to hear of one of the greats passing on, but I am very thankful for what he has done in terms of the writing community. He’s been the inspiration that got many writers into the craft and his mind was one of the best at creating spy-stories, which are seriously lacking these days. 

This sort of thing is what happens as you grow up; people older than you die. But it never makes it any less shocking. I wish all of the best for the Clancy family and anyone closely associated with him. 

He was a legend.

3. This Pug knows how to Rock

So I know the last thing was a little depressing. 

Thus, I’ve found one of my awesomely hilarious videos that I always love to put at the end of my late night posts. My friend, who consistently seems to find better viral videos than I, discovered this video and showed it to me.

If you enjoy cute things, dogs or even just a classic song, then watch this short video. I guarantee you’ll enjoy it or at least find it amusing in some regard. 

So without further ado, end your night/early morning with a smile!

That’s all I’ve got for you tonight, guys. 

Stay frosty.