A Face Washing

Face 1. 

Ah! I spy you there, hidden foe,

Watching me wash with those cold eyes

And spewing out those loveless sighs

What is it you wish me to show?


Face A. 

‘Tis not healthy to play such games,

For if you seek hope above all,

Out from your inner pit you’ll crawl

And put to task your self-kept claims.


Face 1.

What mean you by that, cruel jester?

You know the fetters that bind me

Only a scrub can briefly free–

O why must I be my tester?!


Face A. 

Lament, lament, you sad, sad sot!

Mingle your tears with running tap;

But look up if you wish the map

To guide you from your outward rot.


Face 1. 

Yet another morn spent with glass

And translating hums from the deep

Ere into bleak outworld I leap–

Out there it will all simply pass.


Face A.

Fly, then, fly! and hide yourself well,

I would you would never return,

For freedom from you I do yearn;

I too shall from this screen rebel.


When Thunder Dies

Is this what cruel Destiny plays

Upon her harp of evil strings;

No sweet sun’s rays, no happy days–

‘Tis a song the blackest night brings.

The latest tune–my what a work!–

An ever-growing starlight hope

E’en the lost could not try to shirk,

Cozening notes on upward slope.

Then roars finale’s raucous BOOM,

Dissolving starlight into ash,

Revealing the true face of doom,

Thwarting the heart with murderous gash.

This painful piece writ in blood cries,

This is the sound when Thunder dies!

I Am On My Way To Find You

I am on my way to find you

Through sleet

Through rain

Through pain

Through pain

Through pain.


I can’t stop

I won’t

Because this is my hole

You are

My missing puzzle piece

That gnaws my heart

My mind

That dries up tears

And laughs them away


Into oblivion.


Every cut

Every bruise

Every smile

Every joy

Asks for you

To respond.





Please, respond.






I am on my way to find you

I don’t know

What you look like

Smell like

Feel like

Laugh like

Cry like

Smile like

Kiss like

But I know

You do.


I am wading

Through voices




With unstoppable

Will and feet.


I won’t surprise you

When I find


Because it has been written




About perseverance

And survival




I am on my way to find you

I was always on my way to find you.

The Midnight Man

They call me the Midnight Man

For I never sleep;

I walk as far as I can

‘Til Life bids me weep.


As I stride toward shadow

All their voices sound:

“There! Look at the sad man go

With no friends around.”


The hands of Night are quite cold

Yet embrace me still

‘Cause my journey is so old–

For All I take chill.


I walk for the lonely souls,

I slog for the sad;

I explore misery’s holes

As Midnight nomad.


And when dawn rears her first hues,

Flushing the world pink,

My eyes close–Midnight won’t lose!–

And in final sleep sink.