A Winter’s Dawn

Before waking world, the world wakes,

Shivering under frosted flakes

As sunrise eyes begin to peek,

Casting scattered shadows so meek

That from bedroom window I sigh.

Mottled grey snow begets grey sky

And lo, the first risers do rise!

From stillness, the dawn chorus flies:

Sing-song joy cracking winter bare;

Tail-feathers painting weary air.

And from this–earth’s waking moan,

I fancy myself not alone.


Was it you?

Was it you in that ephemeral space

Who pierced me with those blue eyes, white as light,

And froze me to the frosted earth of that place

Wherein you saw right through me–my soul bright

Yet weak, and weaker still for each soft glance

Laid upon me. I watched speckled cheeks turn

As we rumbled through monotony’s trance,

Strangers five feet close, and one heart to burn.

But where did your thoughts stray? Destination?

For mine, unrelenting, were upon you,

And yet I did not speak; imagination

Shoved heart in my throat–the chance lost, I knew.

So time began afresh, mind of grey hue:

Was it you? Was it you? Was it you?!

Sonnet II

What stone doth I require to break glass?

Ah, common rock! but what of after pain

Shattered; thunderstone through thy wound pass

By Venus’ faithful servant to gain

Thy ill-tempered attention so desired.

What fate becometh his who doth throw fate

Naked and fresh into land so mired?

Prithee, torture me not to stand and wait!

But lo, if thy gaze should cross my love-mark

I should seek out craggy Giramphiel,

For naught but dragon’s dread wrath runs so dark,

And for my toss, Death come to ring His bell.

Still, what worry in my bosom should stay;

Peer through the adder and see what thee may!