Late Night Rant: Wrecking Ball, Autumn and HISHE

Hey, folks! Getting back into the swing of things with all my university courses (that’s code for, “I haven’t done many of these lately, please forgive me”) and now I’ve got another bit of late night fun for ya.  

Here’s what’s on tap tonight:

1. Miley Cyrus and her Wrecking Ball

I don’t know if you’ve seen it (let’s be real, you have), but Miley Cyrus just released a new music video for her song, “Wrecking Ball”, in which she ends up stripping down to her birthday suit and swinging around on an actual wrecking ball like it’s some kind of metallic stripper pole. 

She also “makes out” (if you can even call it that) with a sledgehammer during the vid. 

A freakin’ sledgehammer.

Now, I know all of the Smilers (what Miley calls her fans) out there are gonna go bananas and say, “You don’t even UNDERSTAND! She’s doing this to show what LIAM (Hemsworth) did to HER! He made her feel STRIPPED and ALONE and blah, blah, blah”.

Look, I get it. When famous people break up, particularly ones that were engaged, it’s a big deal. It’s a big deal to anyone, of course, but the fact that they’re famous magnifies it a lot. They can’t get out of the spotlight. 

But still.

Taylor Swift is the undisputed queen of breakup songs and music videos, and even she didn’t go to the lengths Miley did! 

Is it because Miley’s trying to get rid of the Hannah Montana tag? Is it because she’s always secretly wanted to be Lady Gaga (who, by the way, is going to have to turn herself inside-out now to outdo the naked-Miley thing)? 

No matter what the reason, it was a brilliant marketing move and at the same time a bad move for her image. Why? 

Brilliant because: her video EXPLODED when it hit the web and racked up views like no tomorrow. Views = money. 

Bad for her image because: she’s still got a TON of leftover Hannah Montana fans (Smilers) who are watching her every move and thinking that that is the ideal future for young girls such as themselves.

Let’s just end this by also remembering that Miley’s video caused this:

2. Autumn is here!

It’s my favourite season of the year! The leaves change hues, the air becomes crisp and I get to go home and eat all of the turkey I can shove into my belly. 

Seriously. Like, I’ve got special pants reserved for the point when the overload of turkey busts open a belt buckle or two. 

It’s a time of sweaters, cuddly-movies, hot chocolate and yet, still days that are warm enough for general outdoor activities; for me, it’s shooting hoops. 

Oh, and there’s my birthday. I guess that’s a factor. 

There’s just something about this season-of-transition that makes me happy and brings a smile to my face. 

Happy Autumn Snoopy


If you’ve never seen these videos (How It Should Have Ended), then you, sir/madam, are missing out. They are cartoon versions of parts of movies that exploit flaws in the film and make general fun of the flick overall.

It’s always a good time. I haven’t seen one of them that I didn’t enjoy.

The latest one, which I’m posting below, is from the movie Pacific Rim. It’s a fabulous movie if you’re still thinking about trying to catch it; easily in the top five of the summer. 

And yet … This video just makes it that much more sweet. Generally, these vids are more entertaining if you’ve actually seen the movie they’re making fun of. But alas, I can’t make sure you watch everything that’s epic, now can I? 

That’s all for tonight, folks. Thanks for sticking with me.

Stay frosty.